Murphy’s has been providing a high-quality Gaelic Gloves of all sorts to individuals, clubs, counties and schools.With a proven supply network throughout the island of Ireland, Britain and worldwide, Murphy’s already have a proven track record of quality of the highest level, and a level of customer satisfaction which is unrivalled.

Murphys Gloves

Some of the country’s top footballing talents have been involved in the design of Murphy’s, from prototype through to finished glove, with many household lining out in our gloves in the League and Championship since 2011.

The innovative design brings superior performance, comfort and durability than any of its competitors. They are made from the highest quality latex for the best possible grip, even in the wettest conditions that the Irish climate has to offer. They have a special finger inset for superior ventilation and moisture control, while the velcro wristband adds further to the wearer’s comfort.

The gloves are of the very highest quality, yet at a price which will appeal to children and senior players alike.

So let Murphy’s Gloves help you to get a grip on your football ambitions.